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Tabulated Data

If data are used for any published work, please cite:

[1] C. M. Harwood, Y. L. Young, and S. L. Ceccio, “Ventilated Run_Log_TabulatedRun_Log_TabulatedSS_TabulationsSS_TabulationsRefsavities on a surface-piercing hydrofoil at moderate Froude numbers: cavity formation, elimination and stability,” J. Fluid Mech., vol. 800, pp. 5–56, Aug. 2016.

[2] C. M. Harwood, J. C. Ward, Y. L. Young, and S. L. Ceccio, “Experimental investigation of the hydro-elastic response of a flexible surface-piercing hydrofoil in multi-phase flow,” in Proc. 31st Symp. Nav. Hydrodyn., 2016.

[3] C. M. Harwood, “The Hydrodynamic and Hydroelastic Responses of Rigid and Flexible Surface-Piercing Hydrofoils in Multi-Phase Flows,” The University of Michigan, 2016.


Tabulated Run Conditions: XLSX | PDF

Mean Measured Data: XLSX | PDF


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